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awful Saturday [Dec. 31st, 2006|03:04 am]
Where A Kid Can Be A Kid


[Current Mood |distresseddistressed]
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Can i not have another day like today any time soon please? k thanx. I don't really know what made it so bad i went in at noon even though i didnt have to be there till 3 and called all the b-day parties and then Maria (a manager) asked me to clock in early and do prep because we had already used all the prep that Stef made this morning. So i did prep from 2:30 untill 4:30 just to catch us up.

Marcus (the GM) was having a crappy day too something to do with the buget getting over written and having last years budget instead of this years? i don't know but he wasn't happy plus we were almost out of pepperoni. So Marcus left around 4 to go to Spartanburg and get pepperoni and some other stuf so he never got back excpet to drop off the peperoni. so on a night we normally have 2 or sometimes 3 managers we had 1, although i gotta say she did a pretty good job.
Anyways So because i had been in the back so long and i was supposed to be up front at 3 they were short up front so that by the time i got up there it looked like a tornado had gone through. No matter what we did it felt like we just couldn't get caught up. I mean we didn't have any voids or anything like that but we just couldn't catch up we didn't even flip crocks till almost 8. And why is it that no one ever wants ice cream untill the machine breaks down?

Merch was bare i swear i have never seen it so empty there was gray everywhere i had to refill nearly everything and as i'm writing this i just remembered that i totally forgot to blow up a bunch of new balls for the wall.

At like 7 fifteen i was so frustrated i told Jet (the closing manager and my friend) i had to go outside for like five minutes, just take a fake cigarette break i was so overwhelmed i felt like i was just gonna break down right there at the register and you guys don't know me but i am NOT like that. I work better under pressure and when i am stressed out.

So me and Jet went outside and Maria was leaving as we were out there and we were talking and Jet was telling her how i felt and Maria said she felt the exact same way today, that she was in the back in tears because she felt like she needed to do so much and she couldn't do it all herself. I don't know why it was so bad i mean it's not like there was anyone not doing their job or anything it just sucked. She described exactly the way i was feeling. She said we have just been so behind all day and it was so hard to try and catch up. I couldn't wait to just get the hell out of there tonight and of course Jet made us do a team close and i was seriously not in the mood and the stuff that she had me do was just stuff that bothers her because she has serious OCD. (i'm not being snarky she really does she can't help it) I know i was kind of a bitch to her about it too but i couldn't help it i never complain and tonight i was just beyond what i could take.

Everyone says that it's just cause it's a Saturday and Saturdays suck but i actually like Saturdays they don't piss me off like they do other people. Jet said something about how i have to get used to it cause this is what sales are gonna be like this season and i know that and i CAN handle it i'm the one who helps everyone else handle it i just couldn't tonight. I almost never have a night like this where i just feel like i might spontaneously combust if i have to be there two seconds longer. I think i deserve it. I came home and took a long hot bath and just relaxed and i'm going to sleep in tommorow so i can be in a better mood to close tommorow.
I'm glad we have this group cause you guys will know exactly what i'm saying.

And the ear infection that i'm still trying to get over also didn't help at all because my right ear is all plugged and its really hard to hear the guests at the register especially when i have bad hearing on a good day.

I hope your Saturdays were all better then mine.


[User Picture]From: thegloryocristi
2006-12-31 06:21 pm (UTC)
question... what is a team close?
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[User Picture]From: mistopher
2006-12-31 06:42 pm (UTC)
It's when even if you finish your area you stay and help the other areas finish. Like me and Curtice closed cash and we finished before showroom so we had to help showroom close. Normally i do that anyways all the time because I'm always done with cash first but last night I was so not in the mood.
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[User Picture]From: thegloryocristi
2006-12-31 09:06 pm (UTC)
so you guys dont do that everynight? we do. no one is ever allowed to go home until the entire store is finished.

and another little tidbit for you, we dont call it showroom. its called the theater at my store.
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[User Picture]From: mistopher
2007-01-01 06:00 am (UTC)
wow you seriously do that every night! most of us stay and do it well usually showroom and cash stay game room doesn't usually ever help i don't really know why it's just how it is. but we usually stay unless it's a slow night then we don't. They never make us but most of us are friends so we just do it anyways.
Theater? really i've never heard it called that before. game room cash and theater that would take some getting used to. Tonight was way better then last night it took us forever to close but i wasnt annoyed like last night. now i gotta get to bed cause it's past midnight (happy new year!) and i have to open. There's a lot of prep that needs to be done and Mondays cleaning list is the longest.
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[User Picture]From: thegloryocristi
2007-01-01 06:09 am (UTC)
yeah.. we dont call it game room either.. we just call it "game." thats the game room attendant. the person who works the main floor, we call that dra (dining room attendant).

and yeah.. everyone helps everyone, so we all leave at the same time. even after we clock off, no one leaves until the manager hits the breakers and sets the alarm, so we all walk out of the building together. i guess its for safety reasons or whatever but its also out of respect, everyone looks at you like you are rude if you leave early.

i bet you guys dont have supervisors either, huh? or assistant managers? i know a lot of stores dont do those. but we do.
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[User Picture]From: mistopher
2007-01-01 06:53 am (UTC)
no one is allowed to leave by themselves like if someone is done they have to walk out with at least one other person.
Yea see we don't usually have one person for games and one as the dra the game room people do both except on weekends or really busy days we have an extra guy who busses tables and runs pizzas and does chuck e but we still call him game room.

we don't have supervisors we have assistant managers though like jet and Shawn are assistant managers, Maria is opening coordinator liesbeth is senior manager and Marcus is the general manager. and I'm just starting my cross training to be a manager.

team closing used to not work before because people would take their time in their own area so they wouldn't have to help any one else but now most of our cast is cool so no one does that anymore and team close is a lot easier and faster. and it's nice knowing that if you are behind you won't be there all night because the others will help you. even the managers will be out on the floor helping you close if they get paper work done first.
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[User Picture]From: thegloryocristi
2007-01-01 07:02 pm (UTC)
an extra guy who busses, runs, and does chuck e?


we have someone who does just chuck e. on weekdays its a 4-8:30 shift, weekends its 1030-430, 430-9. we always have someone who does just games. stocks them, fixes them, and wipes them down at close. we always have someone doing just the dining room, and someone doing just the theater. weekends we have like 2 people for delivering, a busser, plus the person who closes the dining room and the theater. plus the game guy, plus a chuck e. weekends at cash we have three cashiers, a day salad and a closing salad, two general store people, and a breaker that breaks everyone up there.

you'd also probably be suprised to know that birthday coordinator doesnt do shit at my store. basically, they are in charge of running breaks for the weekend shifts. thats about it.

we have 8 lead supervisors, two assistant managers, three managers, and a general manager. im a manager. ive been working there for almost 6 years, and i love it. its interesting to me that other stores do things differently than we do.

we hired a manager a while back who had worked at another store, and he came in and tried to get us to change the way we close salad bar and we all hated it, we dont do change.. lol.

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[User Picture]From: mistopher
2007-01-02 02:28 am (UTC)
yea the extra guy is anthony he has kinda a social disorder so he gets really nervouse but he does awesome at chucke and bussing and stuff. on busy days theres one or two game room but they both do everything run bus games ect. the cloing gr person does cheeses napkins spot sweep vacuming running and at the end of the night wipes down games. if the short shift gr person has time they help with as much as possible before they leave. we also have a person doing just gr and another doing just showroom. on slow days there is only one closing cashier on busy days as many as five. on busy days we have 2 cash closers. we dont have salad people the salad is the cashiers job like whoever opens cash does all salad prep plus the kid check and cash wrap cleaning for the day.
like its better to explain with an example of today. the kids are all out of school so i opened cash 7-4 and alison came in 11-8 , game room had two people one of them does chucke for the party they do games and all busing and running, 2 showroom, one did a party at noon and the other did kid check. then we had one kitchen and two managers. it went pretty smooth it wasnt crazy busy but on weekend almost every single person who works there works on Saturday sometimes we get so busy we run out of seats.

question how do you guys do chucke like how often is he on the floor and for how long? because we usually only have him out for live show and if he;s requested by a walk in or something cause the suit is so hot.

bday cordinator wasnt doing anything at our store too so they demoted her and have me calling parties and a manager running as cordinator kind of I HATE calling parties but my GM wants me to do it cause he says he trusts me which is awesome but i still hate it.

I worked at cec for a year and then moved for 6 months and came back i LOVE this job and never wanted to leave in the first place. i cant wait till all my cross training is done and i can be official manager even though i already do tons of stuff only managers do. I do voids and I know how to count bill changers and i've even done a couple am deposits. plus anyone at cash who needs anything always asks me first they only go to a manager if i cant do it. I'm never working anywhere else again! plus it's awesome that two of the managers are my really good friends and i love the Gm too!
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[User Picture]From: thegloryocristi
2007-01-02 04:07 am (UTC)
as far as your chuck e question goes: like i said, on weekends we have a chuck e ALL DAY. thats all they do is costume. the morning shift is 1030-430, then evening is 430-9. they do 20 minutes on the floor, then take a 5 minute rest, then right back out. chuck e is out all day long.

and i didnt mean our birthday coordinator doesnt do their job, its just that at our store, they arent anything special. all that position does is run birthday breaks on weekends. managers call parties. coordinator doesnt get paid any more than any other regular employee and they dont get any special perks or anything. its usually just a experiencd hostess that gets put in that spot, and its not always the same person.

i have heard that a lot of corporate stores stretch labor so much that they dont even have a chuck e scheduled. sounds like you guys dont. and you said kid check helps with salad? see, in my store that would be unheard of. kid check NEVER leaves the stand, not even 2 feet away, from the second the store opens to the last customer leaves at close.
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[User Picture]From: mistopher
2007-01-02 04:39 am (UTC)
wow i cant imagine working the chuck e all day i almost never do it but i still hate it it's so hot in the costume i can't take it. I'm lucky now hat i'm training for manager i never do chuck e.

yea we are always being told to keep labor low we stretch labor like crazy! Chuck e is mostly only on the floor for live show. and it's never the same person chuck e could be a different person all day. I wish we had him out there at least a little bit more although during first quarter he's out there a lot more cause we are busier and its easier to meet labor.

The only thing special about cordinator in our store is she was considered team 2 so she got free food but she did get a raise even though no one thought she should since she didn't even call parties. she mostly made sure sr was doing their side duties and stuff.

yea kid check person helps with salad it's their job to keep thier side of it clean and up to upics. they aren't allowed to be out of site of kid check but they can walk away a little bit. like when we have promo cups to put together kid check person stands at the first booth and does them while they watch kid check.
you have a kid check person ALL day!! even when it's dead? we could never do that labor would be too high and our district manager would flip. it would be nice though since i usually end up doing cash and kid check when i open.
So if kid check stands there all day do they have things to clean while they are there? in our store we are never allowed to just stand there even at kid check we have stuff to clean like cake stands or the highchairs or whatever the manager on duty brings up. it's sounds totally opposite of your store. does the kid check person close any area after all the guests are gone? we divide kid check into 2 hour shifts and each 2 hours we take a closer from a different area so that no one gets to far behind there's not like a specific kid check shift.

when we aren't very busy there's only 3 people in the store one kitchen one cash and the manager. sometimes the tech. which means depending on how much the manager that day feels like helping cash ends up doing everything even sometimes running pizzas although kitchen usually runs them for me.

what percent labor are you allowed to run? we are supposed to keep it really low and that makes hospitality a lot harder.

it sounds like you are lucky that you get to run the standards with kid check and chuck e. do you guys also do the cash wrap and kid check cleaning in the am?

I LOVE hearing about how different stores are run i think it's cool i'm such a cec dork!!
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